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Buy sell online land surveying equipment –

We connect online buyers & sellers with highest quality surveying instruments & mapping equipment for construction sites, shop now! –

Our Team

Zein Rachidi

Founder & CEO

Building smart marketplaces for niche markets

Zein is an engineer and serial entrepreneur with 15 years of experience. He has founded several successful tech companies which operate globally. His professional career covers an impressive global reach from the Middle East to Europe and the US.His track record of creating companies and scaling them to success has attracted the interest of institutional investors. One of his earliest forays into the world of entrepreneurship was Topotrade, an online marketplace for construction equipment, which has since become a market leader in the industry. The company's success was mainly due to its online platform's design and user experience. In addition to Topotrade, Zein has founded Levant IT, a software development company, and Digital Realities, a high-tech solution for creating digital twins.