Leica GS12 ROVER with CS15 controller

Leica GS12 ROVER with CS15 controller. 99782288 GS12 GNSS SmartAntenna CS15 3.5G Field Controller GPS+GLONASS+GALILEO ----- KIT INCLUDES ----- 2x GEB212 Battery internal Li-Ion 2600mAh GHT63 Pole clamp for attaching GHT GHT62 Holder plate for CS field contr. GKL311 single Charger Prof 3000 GEV192 AC/DC-Adapter GKL112/311 EU GEV235, AC/DC-Adapter f. CS15/CS10 EU Viva GNSS Rover container MSD1000, SD memory card 1GB

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Brand: Leica Geosystems

Category: GNSS

Product: Leica GS12

Price: $4285